Have you ever traveled back in time?

I'm one flight away from arriving back in Dallas. My next flight leaves Japan at 5:30PM and after 12 hours of flight arrives in Dallas at 3:30PM on the same day, which is two hours before it left. How is this possible? The only plausible explainations are first that we pass through a wormhole on our way that throws us back in time 14 hours, second that we fly close to the speed of light several thousand times around the earth and that allows us to travel back in time or we just crossed the international date line.

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My Real Itinerary

I'm finally flying to the US tomorrow and here is my new itinerary:

Starting in Medan
Malaysian Airlines flight 865 June 17 3:30PM to Kuala Lumpur
Malaysian Airlines flight 52 June 17 11:45PM to Tokyo
American Airlines flight 124 June 18 5:30PM to Dallas

American Airllines flight 125 June 29 11:45PM to Tokyo
Overnight in Tokyo
Malaysian Airlines flight 53 July 1st 12:00Noon to Kuala Lumpur
Overnight in Kuala Lumpur
Malaysian Airlines flight 860 July 2nd 8:55AM to Medan

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Merapi strikes again

So apparently Merapi erupted again last night even bigger than last time. I went up on the roof around 10PM and didn't see anything so I just went to bed. I just checked again this morning and I can still see the mountain and it looks just like a mountain so I guess I missed the fireworks again. Either that or the media is making it up.


Back in Jogja (for a short time)

I'm back in Jogja and have been since last night. Things have really changed since I left on Friday morning. First, we are ramping down the distribution of the stuff since the emergency phase is over. Secondly, we have a new boss as of today. Thirdly, we are starting with the development phase with health and hygene training and planning to help with shelter construction as well.

I'll be here till Friday morning at which time I'll fly to Medan for the manager's meeting and then saturday I fly to the US! To say I'm excited is an understatement.

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Sold my bike again

So I just arrived back in Banda Aceh and decided to sell my bike. I'll only be in Banda Aceh for two days this month and then a little more than a month after that before I go home for good. I had a friend who was very interested in buying it and we agreed on a good price so I sold it to him today. I'm sad to see it go but I didn't need it anymore.

I'll be in Banda Aceh for today and tomorrow to get a handle on the situation (seeing as I'm still running the base) and to show the VP around the project site. I'll be heading back to Jogjakarta on Monday.


Fun of the day

Today we woke up to the news that Mount Merapi is erupting. We went out on our second story roof to see what it looks like since it is only 20 miles away. I must say I was very disappointed. It was more like some minor volcanic burps than a major eruption. Some of the team went as close as they could today and took some photos.

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Apparently my Grandpa just had a stroke and isn't doing very well. He's had very bad health for the last 5 or so years but it is looking worse this time. Please be praying for him.


Earthquakes and Volcanos

Apparently the first week after the earthquake there were over 500 aftershocks which is a record. Funny thing is I haven't felt one and I know an earthquake when I feel one having lived in Aceh where there is one every couple days.

Then there is Mount Merapi which is apparently around here somewhere and trying to blow its top. I have yet to find the mountain and don't see any signs of it in everyday life here so I'm not terribly concerned.

Color me an ostrich with my head in the sand maybe. Things could chance in a hurry though.


First Week

We've now been here in Jogja for a week and working non-stop since we arrived. Most days have been 18 hour days which is why I haven't been posting (or sleeping) much. Today we are taking a break since even God rested on the seventh day. I haven't even had time to answer very much e-mail but hopefully will be caught up today.

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Still Alive

For all of you who have been wondering, I'm still alive. I've been working 18 hour days since I got here in Jokja and am very exhausted. Only one more day till Sunday though. The city of Jokja is still in pretty good condition so I've been staying at a pretty nice hotel during the day and going out to the rough areas all day long. Then of course there are the meetings.

Lots more to say but I have to go eat.