Ringtones and Amazing Grace

When I got my new phone in the US, I wanted a ringtone that was funny and not too annoying if it went off in a place it wasn't supposed to. I settled on a cow mooing and I really like it. I had an ongoing joke with Ryanna when we are at the movies that if my phone did go off, people would just think the mooing was some cows in the movies.

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Hello?... Not Interested. Click

Hasn't it been nice having a cell phone and not getting telemarketing calls on it like your home phone? Well things are about to change. That's right. In one weeks time, the list of cell phones will be made public and as a result telemarketers will be able to target your cell phone. And the best part about it is that you will still be charged for the call!

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Potato Rolls

Last night my mom made potato rolls for dinner and they were delicious. While we were eating them, I asked why she made them and she said, "Because we had some leftover mashed potatoes and it makes the rolls light and fluffy."

I replied, "I thought the potatoes make the rolls thick and heavy."

And my dad said, "I thought the potatoes are added for flavor."

So why are potatoes added to potato rolls? I guess we'll never know. They sure were good though.