Squeak Squeak

I've occasionally been hearing some squeaks coming from my room. Since it is in the garage, it isn't hard for different animals to climb under the garage door and through the door if I leave it open. I'm wondering if I have some cute little mice living somewhere in the room now. It is either that or a squeaky fan. I haven't figured out which yet. If it is mice, it will be nice to get used to having others in the room before I get married.


Strange Weather

Today outside is some really weird weather. The sky is a strange light blue and there is this big yellow ball in the sky that it hurts to look at. I vaguely remember something like it called the "sun" from a long time ago but I guess I have forgotten what it looks like. The weather has been so nicely grey and stormy for a long time, I mean, what do you do on a day like today? Go outside?


2 Months to go

Less than two months until Ryanna and I are married. For all of you who have married, I bet you remember what it was like at this time. It will be nice when we are married have a place of our own (not in my parents house any more, not that it is that bad). Hopefully we will know soon where we will be living. I'll let you know when I know.


Its been a while

I guess it has been quite a while since I last posted. Thats what happens when you are engaged and getting used to a new job. On a side note, I'm tired of Dallas traffic. It isn't usually bad where I have to drive but when I go on client site, it can get really bad. Yesterday I spent almost four hours in traffic. Tomorrow I'm going even further but I'm going to leave very early to try and miss the traffic. Oh, and I'm buying a toll tag so I can use the toll road to speed things up.


March 6 (Reuters) - Two strong earthquakes killed at least 70 people and injured dozens on Indonesia's Sumatra island on Tuesday. Following is a list of some of the other disasters to hit Indonesia since the Asian tsunami of 2004: Dec 26, 2004 - Nearly 132,000 Indonesians are killed and more than 37,000 listed as missing after a 9.15 magnitude earthquake off Indonesia and a tsunami triggered by it in the Indian ocean region. The toll in affected Indian Ocean countries reaches 230,000 dead.

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