Sailing Away

I finally gave away my sailboat today. I've had it since around my sophomore year of high school which would be well over ten years ago now. I decided that it wasn't worth keeping around any more since I probably wouldn't be using it all that much for a long time. It was also in pretty rough shape. I posted it on Craigslist and within about 15 minutes I got 3 responses and then pulled the notice. The first guy decided not to get it and the second guy came and picked it up. He is in a family that likes to sail catamarans and was very happy to get it. I hope it works out for him.

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What's Next

Some of you may be wondering what's next. I could have hit the pavement and gone looking for a job or just done an Office Space. Instead a couple of guys from work and I are starting a company to do something very similar to what Professional Edge did. It is exciting yet a little nerve wracking to go out on your own and see if you can survive.

We are just starting to form plans but hopefully we can formulate a plan to make enough money to support our families and maybe even thrive a little. So far it is looking good and we should be off the ground in a couple weeks or so.

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New Post!

My appologies for not posting more often. I've been a little busy working and getting ready for the wedding. There is good news though! I will probably have more time to blog now. Professional Edge, the company that I have been working for is folding. That means I have lots of free time I wasn't expecting and not a lot of money that I was.

If you know of anyone who needs a highly motivated, honest and hard working employee, let me know.


Update on the squeak

If any of you actually cared, I've discovered that when I turn the fan off, the squeaking stops. So either I've got a squeaky fan or mice that only like to squeak when the fan is turned on. At least I'm narrowing it down.


An Inconvenient Weather for an Inconvenient Theory

In light of the ongoing Global Warming debate, the weather this winter has been very interesting. I can't attest to the global climate but here in Dallas it has been a rather cold winter. In fact, we got snow about three times and got below freezing and stayed cold temperatures much more than usual. In fact, this Easter weekend we are on track to set record lows.

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